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Video: Defense against front & rear choke

March 6, 2010

When a criminal grabs you around the neck, you have two big problems: 1) You’re under attack and scared to death, and 2) Your airway may be constricted.

But there are many, many self-defense techniques to break a choke hold, and break it fast. The following video demonstrates two sets of techniques.

The first defense is against a front choke, when the assailant is standing front of you. The video demonstrates a series of three strikes (or one finger spear on the throat and two strikes) that will require practice to generate speed, power and accuracy. But with proper training, these moves should break the hold and give you the chance to run. The finger spear itself will probably do the trick.

The second is against a back choke, when the assailant is in back of you. The technique is simple, and with practice, can easily topple a bigger assailant.

One thing to remember on the second technique: Your assailant probably won’t be standing still like the instructor in the video. After learning the basic technique, it would be wise to practice while your partner is pulling you in a backward, diagonal direction.

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