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Teen escapes attack with groin kick

March 7, 2010

A 16-year-old California girl escaped an attempted abduction with a hard kick to the man’s groin.

The attempted abduction started when the girl was walking home. The man pulled up beside her in a car and offered a ride.

Right move #1: She said no. No matter how innocent or friendly a stranger may appear, if he comes out of nowhere to offer help when no help is needed, something is wrong.

He then showed his real intent when he got out of the vehicle and tried to force the girl to get in, slapping her around in the process. Then the girl took charge.

Right move #2: A swift kick between the legs. He went down, and she ran away. Local police are praising the girl for her actions.

“This young lady had the presence of mind to kick him in the groin,” said West Covina Police Corporal Rudy Lopez. “When that happened he went down and she took off running, which is how she got away.”

More from the police chief:

“We recommend you scream, make a lot of noise, try to draw attention from people that are around you so that they can focus on who is out there and what this problem is,” said Lopez. “So it’s good to use your cell phone immediately. Dial 911 immediately and get some help out there as quickly as you can.”


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