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Video: Heel palm strike for self defense

March 9, 2010

You probably remember a time when you accidentally smacked your nose on something. The jolt of pain. The watery eyes. The shock of it all stops you in your tracks. And that’s exactly why the heel palm strike is so effective.

This technique is easy to learn and simple to execute. Thrown with force to the tip of the nose, it’s almost guaranteed to stop the attacker long enough for you to break free and run.

If you learn only one self defense technique, this may be it.

As the instructor in the video below demonstrates, you can use the technique to strike the nose, chin or throat. Notice how the instructor’s shoulders and upper body twist from right to left during the strike. (If thrown with the left arm, the twist will be in the opposite direction.) The upper body twist generates power. Also notice how the strike starts low and ends high. The upward motion whips the assailant’s head backward in a nice whiplash motion.

Show us how it’s done, Ricardo ….

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