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Police praise women’s self defense decisions

March 11, 2010

Two women from the Toledo, Ohio, area earned praise from the local police for quick thinking while under attack. In separate cases, the women managed to escape from the same man who is now wanted for four robberies and one sexual assault.

In the first case, the suspect got into the woman’s parked van while she was inside a store. When she returned to the vehicle, he pointed a gun to her head and demanded that she drive to an ATM.

Instead, the woman drove to her ex-boyfriends house and screamed for help. The suspect jumped out of the van and ran.

In the second case, the man approached the woman in the parking lot of her apartment complex and demanded money. When she produced only $15, he told her to get in a car and drive to an ATM. Instead, she told him she had money in her apartment. As she walked through her apartment doorway, she tried to slam the door on the suspect. It was a struggle, but she managed to push him out and then locked herself in.

It’s worth noting that the second woman took an extreme risk by allowing the suspect to get so close to the inside of her apartment. Once in there, anything was possible. Luck was on her side.

Nevertheless, local police Capt. Ray Carroll praised both women for quick thinking:

“You better fight for your life,” he said. “Just lay on your horn. Don’t take your chances. You’ve got to survive. Once you get in a car or are forced into a car, you’re at his mercy. You’d rather fight for your life in the mall parking lot than in the woods somewhere.”



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