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Martial artist tells Larry King Live she fought off Chelsea King’s accused killer

March 16, 2010

The woman who was allegedly attacked by the same man who is now accused of killing Chelsea King told her story tonight on Larry King Live on CNN.

Candice Moncayo, 23, a trained martial artist, said she was attacked last December on the same trail where Chelsea disappeared. As she was jogging, the suspect jumped out and tackled her to the ground, dragging her off to the side of the trail. Candice said she screamed like crazy “at the top of my lungs,” and the man repeatedly told her to shut up. She refused.

He violently shook her by the shoulders, trying to get her to shut up. But Candice got an arm free and rammed an elbow into the man’s face, which enabled her to run away. She said she is alive today because she fought back.

Candice told Larry King that her father is a five-time world middleweight kickboxing champion and that she has been involved in martial arts most of her life. Although she admits that she got away “by the grace of God,” she said martial arts prepared her for the situation.

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