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Another link between alcohol and violent crime rates

March 19, 2010

Since the first rule of self defense is to stay out of harm’s way, you have to watch your back  in areas with a high density of alcohol outlets.

New research out of Indiana University suggests that violent crime rates in any given area are directly correlated to the number of establishments that serve alcohol.

The research also looked at the type of alcohol outlet most strongly linked to violent crime:  bars, restaurants or take-out establishments like convenience stores. Care to guess?

Take-out establishments are the biggest problem.

The researchers hypothesized that adding one take-out establishment per square mile would bump simple assault rates by 2.3 cases per square mile and aggravated assaults by 0.6 per square mile. Adding a bar would increase  simple assaults by 1.35  per square mile, whereas another restaurant would result in another 1.15 per square mile.

Be safe. If your plans take you to a bourbon-soaked part of town, stay alert and use extra caution.


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