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Video: Hit where it hurts for self defense

March 21, 2010

If you’re under attack, you can’t just annoy your assailant. You have to HURT him.

This is a non-negotiable point. You have to cause enough pain to make him flinch and loosen his grip. Then run like mad.

Hitting the chest, arms or skull of an assailant will not cause enough pain. You have to strike vital points, or points on the body that cause extreme pain and injury.

The vital points to hit include the following:

  1. Eyes — easy to target, mild to moderate power can cause extreme pain and damage
  2. Ears — harder to hit correctly, but if done well, can be effective
  3. Nose — easy to hit, even moderate power can cause great pain
  4. Throat — can be harder to hit, but moderate power can be deadly
  5. Groin — harder to strike, but full power kick can cause extreme pain
  6. Knees — not for hand strikes, but a full power kick can cause pain and damage

The video below demonstrates vital point strikes for self defense.

WARNING: Striking or kicking vital points cannot be practiced on a partner due to the extreme damage caused by the techniques. Practice on a heavy bag or other suitable practice device. These techniques cannot be used unless you believe your life is in danger. Using vital points strikes to “settle a score” or to prove you’re tougher than someone else can subject your opponent to life-changing damage or even death. You will probably face legal consequences.

With that said, if you are under attack and you have reason to believe you will be severely injured or killed, these techniques offer your best chance of survival.

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