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66-year-old female bashes bad guy with a rock

March 22, 2010

Almost anything hard or pointy can be a weapon for self defense. A senior citizen’s quick thinking in an area outside of Boston proves the point. Bluntly.

A 66-year-old female enjoying an early afternoon in a local park was warned about a suspicious vehicle in the area. Instead of going home, she picked up a rock the size of her fist. Just in case.

The next thing she knows, a perpetrator grabs her and tries to force her into his vehicle.

You can guess what happens next.

She kicks the guy a few times and smashes his face repeatedly with the rock.

Battered and bleeding, the guy retreats and drives away. A witness said blood was streaming down his face.

Environmental weapons can be critical in self defense. Earlier this month we saw a 14-year-old use a handful of dirt and a stick (Creative 14-year-old fights off abductor). Now we have a senior citizen bludgeoning a bad guy with a rock.

If you think you may have stumbled into trouble, keep your eyes open for an environmental weapon. Hard and heavy, sharp and pointy — almost anything has the potential to save your live.

Attempted abduction reported by WBZ 38.

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