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Teen clocks carjacker, jumps to safety

March 30, 2010

A 14-year-old in Durham, North Carolina, is lucky to be alive after an attempted car jacking had him riding shotgun with a masked, armed criminal.

The youth was attending Sunday church service with his family when he decided to skip out to the car and listen to music.

With the youth sitting in the passenger seat, a masked man with a handgun jumped in the driver’s seat and told him not to make a move. As the criminal drove away, the boy knew he needed to escape.

Self defense experts warn that you should never go anywhere with a criminal, because chances are good you won’t come back.

The boy wanted to jump out of the car, but he waited until the time was right.

As the car slowed down near a strip of grass and the criminal had the handgun in his lap, the youngster punched the criminal in the face and jumped out the passenger door.

Police report he had minor injuries, but he refused treatment.

This isn’t the first time this month that an unlucky victim of an abduction did the right thing and got away. Two women used similarly smart tactics in separate cases about two weeks ago (Police praise women’s self defense decisions).

In all three cases, victims fought back, got away and avoided being trapped in the middle of nowhere with dangerous criminals.

Car-jacking reported by Durham

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