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Another sexual assault stopped by groin kick

April 11, 2010

A simple groin kick has saved yet another woman from sexual assault.

There aren’t many details on this one, but we know a 21-year-old female in Urbana, Illinois, was walking alone at 2 a.m. Saturday. Sounds like the opening sequence of a television crime drama, does it not?

Luckily, this story has a better ending.

The perpetrator approached the woman, threw her to the ground and indicated he was going to rape her. The woman gave him a hard kick to the groin and escaped.

While this woman effectively defended herself, it’s always better to avoid an attack than to defend one.

DO NOT walk alone in the middle of the night, no matter who you are. Find a friend to walk with you. Stay where you are. Call a cab.

Remember, it’s easy for predators to surprise you in the dark. It’s easy to initiate the attack when so few people are around to witness it. And it’s easy to complete the attack when nobody’s around to respond to your cries for help.

Just in case, here are two quick videos on attacking the groin. The first is a standing groin kick. Notice the distance between the two instructors. The standing groin kick is effective when the perpetrator is still a step or two away:

If the perpetrator is close enough to grab you, you don’t have enough space between your body and the perpetrator to kick the groin. You have to use the knee instead. Notice how the instructor in this video grabs his target to generate power in the thrust:

As always, practice makes perfect. Train the kick motion and the knee motion to increase your odds of doing it effectively under stress.

But remember, avoiding the attack altogether is the best self defense.

Attempted assault reported by Daily


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