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High school self defense class for girls … a very smart move

April 19, 2010
high school self defense class for women

Students at Mundelein High School learn self defense. Photo by Rob Dicker via

School administrators at Mundelein High School in Illinois deserve a standing ovation.

The school brought in local police officers to teach upperclassmen girls personal protection and self defense skills, giving those girls a fighting chance of surviving an attack.

The school held the classes over a two-day period during gym class. Local media reported that the class was mandatory.

“The main thing is never give up,” Officer Rachel Schletz told the girls. “You want to kill me? I’m going to kill you first.”

It takes guts for a school district to approve a mandatory self defense class. There are plenty of parents and school district residents who don’t believe self defense skills are a wise use of public funds. It looks like the girls thought otherwise.

Students told local reporters that “mentally accepting that anyone can be attacked” has made them realize that it could happen to them, too.

That realization — not just a good left hook — is what self defense training is all about.

More Fight-Back Files on self defense in public schools:

Add self defense to public schools.

Self defense class reported by


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