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Woman stops attempted kidnapping with pen stabs and punches

May 11, 2010

A 25-year-old woman from Brawley, Calif., probably saved her own life yesterday after a man got into her car and attempted to drive away.

Geographic image of californiaThe man, who is now charged with attempted kidnapping and attempted car jacking, opened her unlocked driver’s side door and pushed the woman from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat. Police suspect his intent was to drive away with the woman in the car.

Luckily the woman fought back, pounding the man with punches and stabbing him several times with a pen.

The man fled the scene and was later found hiding under a parked car.

The victim in this case did two things right:

  1. First, she attacked the man before he was able to take her away from the scene of the crime. Your chances of surviving a violent crime drop dramatically if you let a criminal take you to a secluded area.
  2. Second, she used something in her environment — a pen — as a weapon. Environmental weapons can be a big help in self defense, as this case proves. Yet many victims don’t think to grab something in the environment to use against an assailant.

This woman did, and she is safe today because of it.

More Fight-Back Files on environmental weapons:

Attempted California kidnapping reported by


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