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Woman sprays rapist with bug spray to escape

May 15, 2010

After six hours of being beaten, raped and held captive in a parked van, a Florida woman escaped by spraying the rapist in the face with bug spray.

image of florida stateThe 32-year-old woman was out looking for her dog the night before when she encountered the man, who is homeless and lives in the van.

According to police reports, the man grabbed the woman by the neck and by the hair and pulled her into the van. The woman says she tried to punch and kick the perpetraitor, but she was unable to escape.

Six long hours later, as dawn broke and the woman could finally see the objects around her, she saw an aerosol can.

“I noticed the can of “Off” bug spray laying there and I picked it up and I popped the lid off and that’s when I sprayed him in his face,” she told local media.

That gave her the chance she needed to get out of the van and run for help.

Practicing self defense with environmental weapons

As we often stress here at Fight-Back Files, your ability to make weapons out of objects in your environment is a key compenent of self defense. It’s a skill that may not come naturally, so it doesn’t hurt to mentally prepare.

Every once in a while, wherever you are, look around for objects that could be used as weapons. Imagine how you would use them to stop an attack.

  • Hard, medium-weight objects (fist-size rocks, glass ashtrays) can be used to strike the head or face.
  • Hard, heavy objects (bricks, large rocks, bats, steering wheel locks) can also damage arms, hands, legs and feet.
  • Pointy objects (pens, knives, forks) can be used to stab any part of the body.
  • Aerosols can irritate the eyes and nose. Small cans of all-natural citric air freshener can cause extreme pain in the eyes.
  • Hot liquids and acidic liquids (aka coffee and lemonade) can burn and irritate the eyes.

Your ability to spot and use environmental weapons is limited only by your imagination. With a little mental preparation, you will sharpen your instincts and be better prepared to survive an attack.

More Fight-Back Files on Environmental Weapons

Florida rape reported by


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