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Can of chunky beef stew stops attempted robbery

March 10, 2011

The guy pictured below is accused of attempted robbery and related crimes stemming from an attack in a Massachusetts Walmart store. According to the victim, the suspect punched and beat him — in the middle of Walmart — in an attempt to steal his money.

image of robbery suspect who was bashed in head with can of stew

Photo courtesy

The suspect and the victim were standing in a cashier’s line when the victim was cashing a tax refund check. The cashier announced — apparently a little too loudly — how much the check was worth, and the thieving suspect took notice.

After the victim collected his money, the suspect jumped him and punched him repeatedly, demanding the money. In self defense, the victim grabbed a can of Campbell’s chunky beef stew and smashed the can of stew against the suspect’s head. The can exploded and chunks of beef splattered on the victim. But the damage to the would-be thief was done.

Check out the gash on the suspect’s upper left forehead. He ran bleeding from the store just as police pulled up.

We’ve seen a lot of environmental weapons used in self defense here at Fight-Back Files, from pens and rocks to keys and bug spray. But canned beef stew takes the prize.

The lesson, as always, is simple. If you’re in a dangerous jam, grab the closest thing you can find and swing it, stab it, throw it or spray it. Some people may claim that their hands should be registered as lethal weapons, but I’ll always place my bet on a heavy aluminum can.

Crime description reported by the Eagle-Tribune.

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