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Teen kicks groin, bites and fights like a bear to escape rape attempt

July 18, 2012

A 16-year-old put up the fight of her  life earlier this month to escape a rape attempt in a public bathroom in Bloomfield, New Mexico. The case illustrates three key points in self defense and personal protection.

Image of New Mexico on map -- the site of attack of teen in public bathroomPolice say the young girl was with family in a public park when she went to use the restroom. When she was in a stall, the restroom lights went out. The girl said she peeked out of the crack in the door and saw a figure, but she thought it was another woman. So she walked out of the stall and began to wash her hands.

Point one:  No one wants to live life paranoid about being attacked. But this scene sounds like something out of a bad movie — when those lights go out, and you see a figure through the crack of the  stall door, you just know something horrible is going to happen. This young lady apparently didn’t. She left the relative safety of a locked stall and exposed herself to the attack. This kind of behavior stems from a widespread belief that crime is something that happens to other people, not us. You don’t have to live in fear. But don’t live in denial, either.

As she was at the sink, the thug grabbed her and the attempted assault was put into progress. She  kicked him in the groin, kicked him in several other places and as the scuffle continued, bit his hand when he tried to muffle her screams. Eventually, she got away.

Point two:  This young woman deserves a standing ovation. After her initial mistake put her in great jeopardy, her will to get away and her adrenaline took over, and she kicked and bit the man during a violent scuffle in a dark bathroom. This is the kind of reaction that saved her from a lifetime of trauma, and this is the kind of reaction that could have saved her life.

After getting out of the bathroom, the teen waved down police and the thug was soon apprehended. According to court records, the guy said he was drinking and gave a few other excuses for his behavior.

Point three: Alcohol and crime mix. We’ve seen it here on Fight-Back Files again and again. Where there is alcohol, there is a higher chance of crime. Even if it’s at a public park in the middle of the day.

Crime details reported by The Daily Times.

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