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Mom beats carjacker to save herself and baby

July 22, 2012

A young mother in Dallas, Texas, found herself in a terrifying jam late last month while waiting in a Starbucks parking lot for her husband to return with coffee.

designed image of texas, where a women beat a carjacker to save herself and babyWith her one-year-old daughter in the car with her, the woman was sitting in the passenger’s seat when a stranger jumped into the driver’s seat. The perpetrator, who had just stolen a shirt from a nearby store, hijacked the car and sped down a highway, driving straight into a lane of oncoming traffic.

After the women begged and begged for the thug to let her and her daughter go — to no avail, of course, that’s not what thugs do — her gut instinct kicked in.

“I just beat the living daylights out of him as hard as I could – in his head … just punching in his head … screaming too,”  the woman told 9 in Colorado.

The man eventually pulled over and let the two out of the car before speeding off.

One of the fundamental rules of surviving an attack is to never let the attacker take you away from the initial crime scene. We don’t know the intent of the man in this case, whether he was just using the car as a getaway vehicle because he stole a shirt, or whether he had malicious intent concerning the woman and her child. Because the latter was possible, the woman did the right thing. There’s no way to know what would have happened if she would have sat there passively, using the time to beg and plead as some victims would.

On the other hand, she also took a big risk beating on the driver while he was driving the car. News reports didn’t mention the speed of the vehicle, but a collision at even moderate speed could have killed all three of them.

These are the intellectual difficulties we often encounter in self defense scenarios. Rarely is the correct action clear and apparent. We must make a difficult choice, make it quickly and act decisively.

Thank god this case turned out the way it did. The vehicle didn’t crash and the woman and child escaped the perpetrator unharmed. Like many other cases, this could have easily ended differently with a violent crash, an assault or even murder.

But for now, a woman and her one-year-old daughter are safe, due to the woman’s willingness to fight back. And that’s the best possible outcome of them all.

Crime details reported by 9

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