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Soldier, MMA fighter beats the daylights out of street thug

October 11, 2012

This one isn’t recent news, but I had to share because … well, it’s just funny.

The “victim” in this case wouldn’t go on camera, but he claimed to be a soldier and a mixed martial artist. It doesn’t appear as if the journalist tried to verify those claims, but I think the before/after photos of the perpetrator speak for themselves.

The crazy twist here — if you watch the clip — is that the martial artist complied with the attempted robbery by handing the thief $30. He did the right thing. When a guy holds a gun to your head and demands money, don’t be a fool. Just give him money. But the thug, apparently not satisfied with $30, pushed the “victim” for more.

And more he got.

For more perspective on mixed martial arts and self-defense, read “Are Traditional Martial Arts Necessary for Self Defense? here on Fight-Back Files.

Now on with the show ….

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