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Defying all logic, thug tries to rob Pittsburgh martial arts studio

November 5, 2012


Why would anyone choose a martial arts studio as a robbery target? It seems improbable for even the most brain-dead street thug, but that’s exactly what happened in Squirrel Hill, a suburb of Pittsburgh, on Halloween night. Maybe it was a Halloween prank. But I think not.

dumb move -- thugs tries to rob Pittsburgh martial arts studioA man walked into a kung fu studio near closing time brandishing a gun. As the gunman approached the instructor, the instructor took him down with either a twisting head lock or a twisting choke … it’s hard to tell. Watch the video from WPXI-TV and judge for yourself:

Pittsburgh martial arts instructor takes down street thug

The only possible explanation I can imagine for such an ill-conceived move is bravado. Not many martial arts studios have money laying around. Maybe crooks don’t know that, but it should be obvious that restaurants and convenience stores have more cash on hand than a place with relatively fewer customers. And it’s hard to imagine that anyone would consider a martial arts studio an easy target, not even a common thug.

It must come down to bravado, some street-hardened tough guy trying to impress his buddies by saying he’s going to hit the martial artist on the corner. There’s no other explanation … just pure, animalistic chest thumping to prove himself the alpha dog of the group.

Well … this alpha dog went running from the Pittsburgh studio as fast as his legs could take him … no money, no pride and no self-respect.

More Fight-Back Files on martial artists who fought back against crime:

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  1. redman permalink
    December 19, 2012 11:42 am

    Some people have mental issue instead of call him a thug hez far from that actually he used to be a very smart boy that have goals in life but something went wrong when he went out with friends one night

  2. Jimmy B. permalink*
    December 19, 2012 8:49 pm

    Your point is well taken. However, there are boundaries that separate “smart boys” from “thugs.” Attempted armed robbery is one of them.

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