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12-year-old girl uses pink skateboard to pummel pervert

November 16, 2012

A 12-year-old in New Zealand escaped an attempted abduction when she used her pink skateboard to beat her attacker.

Her fast and aggressive response, which likely saved her life, was triggered by lessons on stranger danger she had learned from her parents.

photo of girl who fought abductor with skateboard

PORTRAIT OF A FIGHTER: A 12-year-old used her skateboard to pummel a man who tried to abduct her. Photo by Kent Blechynden via the Dominion Post.

The Dominion Post says the young girl was walking to get an ice cream cone when she noticed a man following her in a car. He stopped, jumped from the car and grabbed the victim’s shoulders to pull her into the car.

She immediately kicked him and hit him with her skateboard. That was enough resistance to thwart the perpetrator’s plan. He threw the girl to the ground and made an escape. She still bears a scrape on her left knee from hitting the ground.

If it had not been for her parents’ lessons on stranger danger, this story may have had a grossly different ending.

Talking to children about the dangers of the world — and how to respond to them — can be an uncomfortable prospect. Most parents would gladly face that discomfort if they truly believed that their children were in danger. Yet too many, especially those who live in “safe” parts of town, do not consider the threat to their children serious enough to address the issue head-on.

The parents in this story did. And today their daughter is alive and well because of it.

Thanks to the girl’s quick thinking, she not only kicked the assailant, but she created a weapon out of the skateboard. That’s what we call an environmental weapon, and it’s an improvisational skill that can be the difference between escape and victimization.

Here at Fight-Back Files we’ve seen an endless variety of daily objects turned into protective weapons. Rocks, pens, bug spray, sticks, a can of soup, dirt — it really doesn’t matter as long as the object has the potential to cause pain or injury. Read more Fight-Back Files coverage of environmental weapons:

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Details of attempted abduction reported by the Dominion Post. 

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