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Police Hosting Self Defense Class in North Hills of Pittsburgh

February 20, 2013

The North Hills of Pittsburgh are not known for rampant crime. But just because the northern suburbs are cozy and relatively safe doesn’t mean you’ll never cross paths with a maniac. Just scan the crime news for the last five days:

  1. Tuesday morning a 26-year-old in Richland Township allegedly shot his grandmother to death.
  2. A man was convicted Monday for raping two women in Ross Township and one in Hopewell Township.
  3. Over the weekend skeletal remains were found in a wooded area of Cranberry Township.

Sound like the North Hills you know and love?

Of course not. That’s because most of us don’t pay enough attention to the dwindling number of media outlets that broadcast suburban crime news. And because of our lack of awareness, we think we’re safe. We let our guards down.

If you read through the stories here on Fight-Back Files, the most common quote you’ll hear is some version of “I never thought this would happen in my neighborhood.” Here’s your chance to face reality and get prepared.

Image of seal for ross township police

Self defense class scheduled in Ross

The Ross Township Police Department will host a personal protection and self defense class on Saturday, March 2, in the Ross Township Community Center, located a few miles north of Pittsburgh off McKnight Road.

The program will be taught by Hank Hanasik, owner and chief instructor of Team AMS (Academy of Martial Science). Ross police will assist. The class is free. No registration is required. Class starts at 12:30 and will last about three hours. And there’s a lot to cover.

The program is called SAFE, which stands for Self Awareness Fighting Exercises. The curriculum includes the following:

  1. Environmental awareness, which helps you stay out of harm’s way.
  2. Personal awareness, especially your ability to recognize your personal limitations and how to compensate for them.
  3. Law and society, a lesson on when it’s legal to use aggressive action and when it’s not.
  4. Self defense, which will cover simple self defense techniques and the use of environmental weapons, which are common objects like pencils or rocks.

Did I mention that this was all free?

Please take advantage of this opportunity and take the class. The North Hills may be a nice area to raise a family, but criminals still lurk among us. Know what to do if one crosses your path.

For more information, contact Officer Michael Thomas at the Ross Township Police Department: 412-931-9070, x128.

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