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80-year-old woman escapes attempted murder with car horn

June 2, 2013

An 80-year-old woman escaped certain death last week when she blew her car horn in self defense while she was being strangled from behind.

The elderly woman was visiting her deceased husband’s grave in a South Carolina cemetery. As she grieved her husband at his graveside, a 15-year-old male slipped into the back seat of her car.

image of honking car horn, which can save your lifeWhen the woman returned and stepped back into the driver’s seat, the young man sat up, wrapped a power cord around her neck and attempted to strangle the life out of her.

Instead of trying to pull the cord away from her neck, which is your gut reaction when being strangled, she bared down on the steering wheel horn. The noise attracted the attention of a nearby couple, and the male of the two ran toward the car to help the woman. The teen strangler saw the man coming and made a run for it.

The victim in this case deserves a round of applause and a great big hug. She’s an 80-year-old grieving widow who had the presence of mind to make a very good decision during what was surely the most frightening moment of her life.

Lessons learned for self defense:

  1. Lock your car doors: Whenever you leave your vehicle unattended, lock the doors. If you read the details of this story, you’ll see that the reporter quoted someone who lives nearby the cemetery, and he talks about how safe the neighborhood is and how nothing like this has ever happened. (That’s one of the top themes of violent crime stories.) I don’t care if you’re living in a town called Utopia with protective angels floating above everyone’s head. Be prepared.
  2. Look in the back seat before getting in: Even if you’re sure the doors were locked, just glance in the back seat before getting in. It’s not being paranoid. It’s being safe.
  3. Make a scene: If you are attacked in public, even if it’s a thinly populated public area, make as much noise as you can. Attract attention to yourself. This woman used a car horn. You can also scream, yell, carry a keychain alarm, kick over a garbage can … anything to make noise. The last thing the thug wants is for someone else to see him in action.
  4. Use your car as a weapon: In the above case, it appears that the alleged criminal had no intention of forcing the woman to go anywhere. But in cases where the criminal holds a gun or knife to your head and forces you to drive somewhere, you’re in trouble. If you comply, there’s a good chance you will be seriously injured or killed. Law enforcement officers say you should never leave the initial crime scene. Since this is such a high risk situation, a high risk response is called for. First, buckle your seat belt, even if he warns you not to. He’s probably not going to hurt you for doing it. Then start the car and begin to comply with his directions. But as soon as you are in a public area, slow down the car to less than 20 miles per hour and run into something to cause a fender bender. A tree, a utility pole, a concrete-mounted postal service box, almost anything that will stop the car. Your goal is to call attention to yourself by safely crashing your car. You will survive the impact. Others will come rushing to your aide. And the crash will throw such a giant wrench into the criminal’s plans that he will likely jump from the car and run.

Luckily, the case of the 80-year-old didn’t get that far. She stopped the attack cold by making a scene — laying on the horn and calling attention to herself. With that simple action, she probably saved her life.

The details of this case were reported by The teen has been captured and charged with attempted murder.

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