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Spring Break Daytona: first week, six rapes

March 19, 2010

As we said in the post below, alcohol and safety just don’t mix.

In just the first week of Spring Break at Daytona Beach, six rapes have been reported, five involving alcohol or drugs.  A local law enforcement officer says there are probably many more, but they go unreported.

While we usually think of the criminal as the one who must have been drinking, in many of these cases, it was the victim who reported being drunk. And you can’t fight off a rapist when you’re plastered.

The vast majority of college students will go on spring break and return unharmed. It’s almost a right of passage. But when alcohol, youth and a handful of criminal degenerates come together,  bad things can happen. Even when the kids think “that will never happen to me.”

Local police warn that women should be extra careful. Stay with friends. Never leave the safety of the pack to be alone with a stranger.

Good advice for personal safety year-round.

Reported by the Orlando Sentinel.

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